STICKER Open Road Girl Window Decal Sticker 2 SIZES – Open Road Girl Motorcycle Apparel & Accessories For Women

STICKER Open Road Girl Window Decal Sticker 2 SIZES

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SMALL: Size: 6" wide x 4" tall

LARGE: Size: 10" wide x 6" tall

Open Road Girl Window Sticker.   Available in: Aqua, Blue, Light Pink, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, White

Important: Stay all car washes for 48 hours. Do not apply in cold weather conditions it shorten life of decal.

Application Instructions 

  1. Clean areas were decal is to be applied. (The cleaner the better it is)
  2. Apply masking tape down center of decal.
  3. With your decal as is with masking tape down center Lay your decal in area where it is to be placed with back side down, Once in place and lined up where it is to be placed stick tape down so it will not move.
  4. Now apply another strip of masking tape down the right side along edge of decal.
  5. Now you can start to pull backing paper away from decal on the left side, Pull back till it comes to your first strip of tape.
  6. Now with a sharp edge cut backing paper in half being careful not to scratch surface or cut your finger.
  7. Using a squeegee like item or credit card will work to . Begin to slowly lay down you deal while you are holding above surface laying it down with you squeegee.
  8. Now your done with left side Remove masking tape on the right side of decal and begin step 5 and 6 with right side.
  9. After all this is done with squeegee Rub any air bubbles out and make sure decal is applied good.
  10. Now your ready to pull transfer paper off away from surface.

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