Meet Malinda Johnson Founder of Open Road Girl – Open Road Girl Motorcycle Apparel & Accessories For Women

Meet Malinda

The Face Behind the Brand  

Malinda Johnson has merged two passions: her love of fashionable clothing that expresses her style and a love for the freedom and exhilaration of riding out on the open road. This free spirited, passionate biker girl knows how to let the good times roll while being dressed for the part in gear that is sparkling, sexy and fun.  

As a loving wife, devoted mom and grandma, Malinda had always dreamed of a way to create a better life for her family. She found the drive and motivation needed to build upon that vision and created a business that shares her distinctive look and the thrill she gets from riding with the rest of the world. 

The Open Road Girl Collection combines the need for comfortable accessories with a leg up on the competition for producing the perfect merger of distinctive style and functional offerings. Each item is produced to meet exacting quality standards and is simply the dream come true of a girl who always desired to be ahead of the pack. 

Open Road Girl is not only a brand of apparel but it's also a lifestyle. Malinda‘s vision for her company has grown beyond creating cool stuff to wear to becoming a rallying brand for sisterhood and empowerment. A bike owner since 2005, Malinda has shared her challenges as a beginning rider as a way to encourage other women to follow her lead in fueling their personal passion for riding and connecting with others for camaraderie and friendship out on the open road.

Today, over 32,000 lady riders, have bonded over Malinda’s inspirational message of self-discovery and determination to find her own path. With her as an example –they are embracing their desire to ride and in turn are encouraging other women to discover that joy.

"Unleash The Biker Within",  is the main motive to serve our buyers, and for that you must visit our coolest, funkiest and sexiest ladies biker gear zone -- that is, none other than Open Road Girl.

We hope that you like our collection and will give us a chance to match up to your expectations and taste.

It's more than just biker gear...It's a Lifestyle!